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What a Feeling!

Fans took to the field in celebration after Wisconsin defeated No. 1 Ohio State, 31-18, at Camp Randall Stadium on October 16 — the Badgers’ first win against a top-ranked team since beating Michigan at Camp Randall in 1981. Earlier in the day, ESPN TV’s College GameDay broadcast live from the field’s 50-yard line. Just this once, given the spontaneous fan reaction, the traditional Fifth Quarter performance by the UW Marching Band was canceled.
Photo by Jeff Miller

Published in the Winter 2010 issue


  • Paula Bradish December 16, 2010

    How can I purchase a copy of this photo for my fiance (alumni) and his son who is a freshman and hopes to go to Madsion? Great gift idea.

  • John H. Tidyman December 25, 2010

    Loved the win so much I asked for a Badger t shirt to wear on New Year’s Day. My baby got it for me. Go, Badgers.

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