On Wisconsin

The World at Their Feet

By Masarah Van Eyck

Today’s students know that by graduation, their portfolios of knowledge and skills need to include global competence. But the UW, along with its peers, is grappling to define what that means, exactly, and why in the world it matters.

Reflecting on Joyce Carol Oates

An academic setback at the UW propelled Joyce Carol Oates MA’61 on to the pinnacle of literary achievement. Read how Madison changed her life, and find an excerpt from “Nighthawk,” her campus memoir.


Conventional wisdom says that TV is bad for kids, but research is finding that good messages can prevail — if parents choose programming wisely.

This is Your Copilot Speaking

In January, US Airways Flight 1549 made an unscheduled landing in the Hudson River. Quick action by the crew, including copilot Jeffrey Skiles ’84, ensured survival for all aboard. Skiles now shares his experiences.

The Godmother of Goat Cheese

Anne Topham ’63, MA’65 didn’t set out to become a trailblazer, but her pursuit of award-winning chèvre helped launch artisanal goat cheese in Wisconsin.