On Wisconsin

Words, Wit, & Wild Hearts

By Jacquelyn Mitchard

It’s a writer-to-writer conversation when Mitchard sits down for a chat with Lorrie Moore, acclaimed fiction author and UW faculty member.

Heads & Hearts

Chancellor Biddy Martin PhD’85 describes the incomparable role of the humanities in helping us discover what it is to be human.

Someone to Watch over Earth

The UW’s legacy with environmental issues started in the 1860s when student John Muir embraced nature. It continues evolving on today’s campus, where classes meld filmmaking skills with community activism.

Moooovie Making

Can Tyler Knowles ’05 pull off his first film with a small crew, a fictional beer, a road trip peppered with Badgers, and a cow costume?

The Changing Face of Publishing

As profit margins shrink and technological change speeds up, academic publishers face an uncertain future — but the UW Press is adapting to the new realities of bookselling in the twenty-first century.

The People’s Poet

Influenced by his activist father, photographer Frank Espada, and his own struggles with poverty, Martín Espada ’81 uses his poetry to speak for the downtrodden and the forgotten.