On Wisconsin

For all the right seasons

By Madeline Fisher PhD’98

During its seventy-five years and the changing of the seasons, the UW Arboretum has told stories to those who will listen and learn. Even as visitors escape the demands of city life to enjoy its beauty and tranquillity, it has taught researchers just how much human forces shape the land.

When You Say Wisconsin In Song

Stephen Thompson ’94, editor of National Public Radio’s music Web site, didn’t miss a beat when we asked him to pick five songs that say the UW. His advice for how to defend a song that you like? “If you think it’s awesome, it’s awesome.”

Wolves at the Door

Thirty-five years ago, Wisconsin had no gray wolves. Today it has more than it knows what to do with. Now UW researchers are trying to help the state figure out how many wolves it wants and needs.

Reinventing Wheels

American automakers have taken their share of wrong turns, but 2009 has been the worst year ever. Can UW-Madison step in with ways to help them get back on the road?

Evolution Revolution

Lynn Margulis MS’60’s penchant for independent thinking and controversial ideas has helped her to advance novel theories despite fierce opposition. As a result, she has changed the way we view evolution.