Oh, Deer

Summer 2015

The greatest threat to Wisconsin’s forests may not be pollution or urban sprawl.

Street-Dance Scientist

Summer 2015

He does popping. He devotes time to his company. He teaches adults and kids about science. He works on his doctorate. Is there anything Jeff Vinokur ’12 isn't doing?

Philip Tedeschi ’84, MS’87: Animal Alliances

Spring 2015 — 1 comment

Every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day for Philip Tedeschi.

Neutrino Man

Spring 2015

Francis Halzen doesn’t see himself as a superhero.

Splash Mob

Winter 2014

Citizen scientists provide clarity for lake researchers’ big questions.

At Loggerheads

Winter 2014

Where do all the baby turtles go?

Buzzworthy Research

Winter 2014 — 1 comment

Who knew? Tagging bumblebees can help farmers with their crops.

Irwin Goldman

Winter 2014

Irwin Goldman packages seeds for the Open Source Seed Initiative. Using envelopes such as the one below, OSSI sent material to 6,000 people …

Behind the Screens

Fall 2014 — 5 comments · 1 reader letter

What does it take to produce one of those courses with the funny name? We look at the intense planning, the in-the-field work, and the post-production effort required to create a MOOC.

Bucky, Beware!

Fall 2014 — 1 comment · 1 reader letter

The fox is in town and stealing hearts all over Madison.

Anthropology 370

Fall 2014

Despite daily deluges, twelve students in this anthropology course spent most of June sifting and winnowing dirt.

Love at First Image

Fall 2014 — 1 reader letter

Ultrasounds create a powerful connection for dads-to-be.

Nothing Fishy Here

Summer 2014 — 1 comment

A tasty hybrid fish is making its way to your local grocery store.

The Secret World of Sloths

Summer 2014

Turns out those weekly bathroom breaks are part of a grand plan.

Out of Sync

Summer 2014

On March 7, 2014, the lights went out for the last time at UW–Madison’s Synchrotron Radiation Center (SRC).

Quick Takes: Summer 2014

Summer 2014

UW News in Brief

Empty Nests

Summer 2014 — 10 comments · 1 reader letter

What can we learn from the demise of the passenger pigeon? Key Wisconsinites say the lesson is clear: don't let it happen again.

Bookshelf: Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Highlighted books from the Spring 2014 issue

Nuclear Engineering 234

Spring 2014 — 1 comment

Nuclear Engineering 234

Putting Freshwater Species on the Map

Spring 2014

UW ecologists look at the impact of land-use policies on aquatic biodiversity.

Ditching Comments

Spring 2014 — 1 comment

Research provokes a broad conversation about narrowing conversation.

Quick Takes: Spring 2014

Spring 2014

UW News in Brief

Eew or Yum?

Summer 2013 — 2 comments

A pioneering UW entomologist helped start the insects-as-food movement.

Creative License

Spring 2014 — 7 comments

Now a UW faculty member, renowned cartoonist and author Lynda Barry explores the genesis of creativity, teaching the powerful connection between our hands and our brains.

Dangerous Minds

Winter 2013

A UW researcher’s work with psychopaths inspires a new novel.

It’s the Little Things

Winter 2013

A Badger’s neuron research leads to a major honor.

Quick Takes: Winter 2013

Winter 2013

UW News In Brief

Badger Tracking

Winter 2013 — 1 comment

Counting the state animal proves to be a tricky endeavor.

Milk Matters

Winter 2013 — 9 comments · 4 reader letters

Dairy is not "straw hats and bib overalls" at the UW. The flagship institution in America's Dairyland draws on a long history of lacto-research, modern technology, and big data to thrive in what has become a very scientific field.

One Word: Subnivium

Fall 2013


Ale’s Well

Fall 2013 — 3 comments

The Beer Mapper helps people choose the right suds.

Quick Takes: Summer 2013

Summer 2013

UW news in brief

Signature Signatures

Summer 2013 — 3 comments

Their genesis unknown, the names of geography students mark the decades.

A Promising Sight

Summer 2013

Family's cells lead researchers closer to curing eye disease

Looking Sharp

Summer 2013

Prize-winning microscopy.

The Planet Hunter

Summer 2013 — 4 comments

Maggie Turnbull ’98 has become an authority on the search for signs of extraterrestrial life — and she's done it on her own terms.

David Krakauer

Spring 2013

This research institute director’s recipe for success? Collaboration and a dash of humor.

Quick Takes: Spring 2013

Spring 2013

UW news in brief

An Ill Wind

Spring 2013

Superstorm Sandy shows the capacity of UW satellite science.

See Spot Itch

Winter 2012 — 1 comment

And see Spot stop itching, thanks to a new method to ease dog allergies.