UW Marching Band Meets the Top 40

Winter 2019

New director Corey Pompey puts his stamp on a great tradition.

A Hip-Hop Family

Winter 2019

A unique group of poets, musicians, and activists came together in the inaugural cohort of First Wave, the UW’s pioneering scholarship program.

Introducing the Hamel Music Center

Winter 2019

The new facility is stunning inside and out.

A Concert Series for the Ages

Fall 2019

The Wisconsin Union Theater makes sure the 100th-anniversary season is something special.

Wisconsin Vinyl

Spring 2019

Amid a vinyl revival, the UW’s Mills Music Library dusts off its robust record collection.

Free to be Allee

Spring 2019

Allee Willis ’69 is more than just the composer of the hit songs such as “September” and the Friends theme: she also collects kitsch, throws legendary parties, and supports her hometown of Detroit.

Nancy Baym

Spring 2019

Nancy Baym ’86 studies the close connection between musicians and audiences.

On “Queue”

Spring 2019

Former UW women’s basketball point guard Shawna Nicols ’05 is now the official disc jockey for the Badgers.

Stop at the Top

Winter 2018

Mike Leckrone is as synonymous with the Badger spirit as Bucky. This year he’s saying his good-byes after 50 years with the UW Marching Band.

Parental POV

Summer 2018

A history course tackles the 1970s–90s through a generational lens.

Note-Able Feature

Summer 2018

Jeff Miller

Those aren’t wagon wheels that passersby spotted earlier this year during construction of the Hamel Music Center at…

Groovin’ … on Reunion Afternoons

Spring 2018

Face paint and street theater were hallmarks of the counterculture during the antiwar years. UW ARCHIVES 2018s00007

UW alumni who were…

Lois Levenhagen

Spring 2014

Meet the woman who keeps the UW’s band in stitches.

Photo Gallery: Union Theater Concerts

Spring 2018

In October 2017, when Steve Miller played a concert at the Union Theater, he became just one in a long line of…

Bridging Mountains

Spring 2018

Tara Linhardt ’93 found that Himalayan and Appalachian tunes have a lot in common — and she promotes traditional music in both worlds.

Keep on a- Rock’n Us, Baby

Spring 2018

Steve Miller x’65 reflects on how his time on campus, being an English major, and growing up with a famous godfather affected his music career.

11 Legendary Concerts

Winter 2017

Music is tied up in the fabric of campus life. Some concerts — including these — are highlights from the university’s history.

Dee Willems ’90, MS’96

Winter 2019

UW Archives S06352

“I figured if it was going to happen eventually, it might as well be me,” says Dee Willems…

Wisconsin Singers

Winter 2019

For five decades, the Wisconsin Singers have taken their act on the road to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the university. Former WAA…

Marching Band Auditions

Fall 2017

Stop at the top!


Summer 2017

UW–Madison honors the one-and-only “Funky Drummer.”

Mark Zimmer ’82, JD’85

Summer 2017

Andy Manis

By day, Mark Zimmer ’82, JD’85 is a Madison lawyer. But by night, he’s a classical-music…

Patriotism and Poison Gas

Spring 2017

A submarine detector tested in Lake Mendota is just one of the contributions UW faculty members made to the war effort.

Rock ’n’ Roll Poet

Spring 2017

Why Dylan winning a Nobel Prize was a long time coming.

Alt-Rock Apex

Winter 2019

A new documentary tells the story of a legendary Madison recording studio.

The Hyperpiano

Winter 2016

UW music professor Christopher Taylor debuts the new instrument he developed on campus.

Musical Theater Performance

Summer 2016

When we start staging things, if you don’t know your lyrics, you are going to get killed

War Anthems

Spring 2016

Soldiers share the songs that served as their soundtrack in Vietnam.

Long May They Run

Fall 2015

Longtime friends Phil Davis ’76, MA’81, Butch Vig ’80, and brothers Pete ’76 and Frank Anderson hatched an unconventional plan to record their successful first album.

A Cappella Groups

Summer 2015

With their voices becoming the instruments, six student groups are making beautiful music on campus and beyond.

One Time at Band Camp…

Summer 2015

This is perhaps the most casual-looking canoeing tuba player we’ve ever seen. Granted, he’s the only canoeing tuba player we’ve ever seen.

It Was a Very Good Year

Winter 2014

In 1964, the university was marked by rising interest in civil rights, a legendary live music scene, and such a large incoming class that officials considered banning student cars and bicycles and building a campus subway or monorail.

Quick Takes: Fall 2014

Fall 2014

UW News in Brief

Dan Venne ’01: From Bands to Brands

Summer 2014

The work of Dan Venne ’01 is everywhere.

Musical Numbers

Summer 2014

Math and music are connected in some surprising ways, and David Kung '94, MA'96, PhD'00 has made it his business to become an expert in all of them.

The Varsity Band Concert

Spring 2014

it’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Leckrone!

Lois Levenhagen

Spring 2014

Meet the woman who keeps the UW’s band in stitches.

David Bither MA’78: Record-Holding Record Label

Spring 2014

David Bither MA’78 of Nonesuch Records goes with his heart.

The Frankenpianist

Spring 2014

Music professor by day and eccentric genius by night, Christopher Taylor is creating a double-keyboard instrument that could revolutionize the world of piano-playing.

Music 660: The Legendary Performers

Summer 2013

Today’s successful artists are influenced by the greats of past eras.