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Film-Nerd Paradise

Fall 2021

After immersing himself in UW movie culture, Michael Pogorzelski ’94, MA’96 became one of the country’s leading preservationists.

A Movie Mogul’s Big Break

Fall 2021

Walter Mirisch ’42 transcended humble origins to produce classic Hollywood films.

A True-Crime Must-See

Spring 2021

In A Wilderness of Error, Errol Morris ’69 revisits a notorious murder case.

“Ratso” Gets His Due

Fall 2020

Known as a colorful chronicler of counterculture figures, Larry Sloman MS’72 is finding his direction home as a singer-songwriter.

Day-Tripping with Jon Stewart

Summer 2020

To gather information for "Irresistible," the comedian traveled Wisconsin with a UW professor.

Hair-Raising Performances

Spring 2020

Our critic rates UW movie stars and their greatest roles.

Seeking Asylum? Call Saint Judy

Fall 2019

A documentary profiles the crusading immigration lawyer Judy Wood.

The Golden Age of TV is Now

Spring 2019

No matter how viewers are binge-watching television these days, they might as well call it Badger-watching, given the multifaceted ways that UW alumni are contributing to our favorite shows.

Consummate Cinematographer

Winter 2018

Peter Deming ’80

A Move to the Modern Age

Phil Johnston ’94 is back with Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.

At the Movies

Fall 2018

Will Crazy Rich Asians change representation on the big screen?

When Crazylegs Went Hollywood

Fall 2018

Badger star Elroy Hirsch x’45 ran into fame — and his nickname — on the football field, but he also tried out a lesser-known film career.

Photo Gallery: Hirsch on Film

Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch x’45 almost turned down the role of playing himself in a biographical film. “I received this letter from (producer) Hall Bartlett…

Dream Maker

Summer 2018

At Industrial Light & Magic, Rachel Rose MS’03, PhD’07 leads a virtual-production team that brings the Star Wars universe to the big screen.

Jerry Zucker

Summer 2018

The journey from Madison to Hollywood started on graduation day.

Michael Finley: The Sequel

Spring 2018

After his NBA career ended in 2010, Michael Finley ’14 took roles behind the scenes with the Dallas Mavericks and in Hollywood.

One great letter

Winter 2017

When the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research asked Hollywood heavyweights to contribute to its archives, comedian, writer, and film star Groucho…

Rebel Alliance

Spring 2017

Women helm just a fraction of Hollywood films, a fact that Jennifer Warren ’63 has been working steadily to change since trading acting for directing three decades ago.

Alt-Rock Apex

A new documentary tells the story of a legendary Madison recording studio.

Nicole Rocklin ’01

Summer 2016

A movie producer talks about life in the spotlight after her Oscar win, and why she knew she had to produce a movie about journalists who uncovered sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

Bet on It

Spring 2016

If you think that Anders Holm '03 is everywhere these days, you’re right. A combination of hard work and a few lucky breaks has put the writer-actor in the spotlight.

Dalton Trumbo’s Papers

Spring 2016

The UW holds a piece of Hollywood history.

English 175

Winter 2014

Frankenstein, Robocop, Google: Human Memory/Digital Memory

Practical Magic

Fall 2014

Fans of Harry Potter and other pop-culture touchstones transform into activists.

History 201

Winter 2013

Combating misconceptions about ancient Rome.

Archaeologists on the Front Lines

Fall 2013

A professor steps up to protect an ancient culture from modern threats.


Fall 2013

As Title IX turns forty, film producer Libby Geist ’02 explores nine female athletes who changed their gender's world.

Lakeside Cinema

Summer 2013

On summer nights for more than three decades, it’s been location, location, location for those who settle in to watch free movies on the Memorial Union Terrace.

Marshall Brickman ’62: The Jersey Score “Dueling Banjos” to Jersey Boys

Summer 2013

“My theory of life — and career choices — then and now is to hang out with people that I don’t mind having lunch with.”

Imagination, Inc.

Spring 2013

The devil's in the details, as a young grad has discovered in her job with the animation studio Pixar.

All Dolled Up

Spring 2012

Forget about celebrity websites. Only paper likenesses would do back in the day.

Badgers on the Big (and Small) Screen

Summer 2011

Scriptwriters use creative license to claim connections to Wisconsin.

Mary Beltrán

Winter 2010

When she watches television, it’s with an eye on diversity, as well as entertainment.


Winter 2010

What's that campus that looks so much like the UW? It's the fictitious Grand Lakes University, which 25 years ago hosted non-grad Thornton Melon (aka Rodney Dangerfield).