Lake Mendota

Lake Laboratory

Fall 2017

Dawn patrol on Lake Mendota: Carolyn Voter PhDx’18 (right) and Alexandra Linz ’13, PhDx’18 collect water samples before sunrise. The work was part of a …

Venetian Night

Summer 2017

For one night a year from 1911 until 1930, the shores of Lake Mendota sparkled with old-world charm.

Goodspeed Family Pier

Summer 2016

A magnet for nighttime relaxation since opening in 2013, the pier honoring the family of Mary Sue Goodspeed Shannon ’81 replaced the aging stone-and-concrete structure below the Alumni Center.

Walking on the Lake

Winter 2013

Based on the ski tracks and slushy footprints in the snow that cover the lake’s icy surface in the winter, plenty of people on campus appreciate the season’s serenity and count the days until the open water turns to ice.