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I Pledge Allegiance to the Class

Winter 2022

The UW School of Education has a plan for keeping teachers on the job.

Breaking Barriers in the Arts

Spring 2022

The André De Shields Fund supports projects by historically underrepresented creators.

A Gateway to Higher Education

Spring 2022

Bucky’s Tuition Promise has transformed student lives — and campus itself.

All Ways Grateful

Winter 2021

Heartful thanks from scholarship recipients show how the All Ways Forward campaign has made all the difference.

All in for Diversity

Winter 2020

The UW redoubles its commitment to a welcoming campus environment.

Mr. Memory Chip

Spring 2020

Tech giant Jeff Kessenich helps UW students launch their own STEM careers.

A Scholarship Inspired by Love

Fall 2019

The Mercile J. Lee Scholars Program reflects its namesake's humane approach.

A Laboratory for Financial Aid

Summer 2019

Mackenzie Straub x’22 (pictured) was one of 796 incoming students during the 2018–19 academic year receiving free tuition through Bucky’s Tuition Promise.…

Day of the Badger Gets the Red Out

Summer 2019

The new event featured 1,848 minutes of pure fun, spirit, and generosity.

Surprise Package

Summer 2018

First-year students link arms and sing ‘Varsity’ at the end of the Chancellor’s Convocation for New Students, a Wisconsin Welcome event.

Badger Tracks Winter 2014

Winter 2014

News briefs from the Wisconsin Alumni Association

Are the Kids Really All Right?

Winter 2014

As the cost of college education rises, so does the need for financial literacy. UW administrators and researchers are trying to find the best ways to educate students and parents about debt, value, and planning for the future.

Madison Calling

Fall 2012

Hoping to double alumni donations, the UW prepares to roll out an aggressive campaign.

Pulling Together for Great People

Fall 2011

A couple’s family endowment helps to grow scholarships for students in need.

Chancellor Solicits Alumni Input

Winter 2010

Badger Partnership aims for revised model of state support.

Stepping up Student Recruiting

Fall 2010

Admissions office ramps up partnership with alumni.

Look Good and Feel Good

Fall 2010

Red Shirt program will result in a $250,000 gift for scholarships.

For Today’s Typical Student, Degree = Debt

Summer 2010

Earning potential comes with a price.

Making UW-Madison More Affordable

Spring 2010

Alumni chapters step up need-based scholarship efforts.

More Great People

Spring 2010

Helping medical students with debt allows them to serve where the need is greatest.

First in Their Families

Spring 2009

About one out of every five students in the UW’s 2008 freshman class is entitled to say, “I’m the first person in my immediate family to go to college.”