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Sliding into Winter

Winter in Madison isn’t all bad, right? Right? Last January, Hanna Hohener x’23, Jennifer Chandler x’23, and Max Johnson x’22 “borrowed” trays from…

Good as Gold

Summer 2018

Badgers dominated a gold medal game for the ages on both sides of the puck in the Winter Olympics.

Photo Gallery: Hoofers Winter Carnival

Winter 2017

Even Wisconsin’s harshest winters haven’t stopped students at its flagship university from outdoor antics. A tradition since the early 20th century, the UW’s

Snow Removal

Winter 2017

When winter pummels Madison, UW grounds department crews respond.

Chilled Out

Winter 2017

A floppy-eared smiley face greets the sunrise on Picnic Point on a December morning in 2016. UW students need to keep a sense of fun…

4 Snowiest Snow Days

Winter 2017

When winter weather shut down the campus.

Many Happy (and Chilly) Returns

Winter 2015

Benjamin Franklin was right. Taxation is an absolute certainty in life — even life near the South Pole.

Bascom Hill Snowball Fights

Winter 2015

The winter battle between the Southeast and Lakeshore residence halls is epic.

Cold Shoulder

Winter 2014

During Hoofers’ Winter Carnival last February, students built themselves a classmate out of snow on Lake Mendota. Hoofers are the Union’s outdoors activities clubs.


Spring 2014

Bascom Hill, January 8, 2014, 10 a.m. – 11° Fahrenheit
Photo by Jeff Miller and Bryce Richter

Warm Hearts, Warmer Climate

Spring 2013

A couple enjoys the benefits of record warmth near the Union Terrace.

A Variation on Camelot

Winter 2012

A California girl finds paradise in Madison.

Torrid Madison

Spring 2012

. . . very little about Madison’s winter has been appropriate this year.

Free Fallin’

Winter 2010

Before learning to fly, snowboarder Colin Tucker x’12 had to learn to fall.

Tray Day

Winter 2010

Cafeteria trays on Observatory Hill.