Veterinary Medicine

Raw Talent

Winter 2018

What Marie Moody ’90 started in her Manhattan apartment has turned into a multimillion-dollar pet-food brand, all thanks to a mutt named Chewy.

10 Most Popular Names

Winter 2017

Trends among our furry friends.

Farewell, Vegas

Spring 2017

UW police mourn a big loss.

Philip Tedeschi ’84, MS’87: Animal Alliances

Spring 2015

Every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day for Philip Tedeschi.

An Elephant Never Begets

Winter 2012

Delivering birth control to elephants is more difficult than you’d think — and more important.

Michael Wenninger DVM’04: Exotic Animal Vet

Spring 2012

A typical day for veterinarian Michael Wenninger DVM’04 brings to mind something that you’d see on Animal Planet.