Campus buildings

Helen C. White Hall,
with a View

Summer 2019

Helen C. White Hall opened in 1971 with “135,000 books, a view, and a chance to be alone,” the alumni magazine stated

The Rise and Fall of Ladies Hall

Summer 2019

No men allowed: a group of 1960s female students relaxes in the Elizabeth Waters Residence Hall courtyard. The dorm would be the last …

So Long to Nails’ Tales

Summer 2019

An uncertain future for a divisive campus sculpture.

How High?

Winter 2018

What UW building is the tallest? The answer may surprise you.

Memorial Library

Winter 2018

Shhhh! We’re studying here.

Note-Able Feature

Summer 2018

Jeff Miller

Those aren’t wagon wheels that passersby spotted earlier this year during construction of the Hamel Music Center at the …

Chazen Museum of Art

Spring 2018

The Chazen presents 10 to 12 temporary exhibitions each year, featuring works from its permanent collection and pieces on loan from museums around …

Spring Break

Summer 2019

Can we have class outside today? Environmental science students enjoy the environment on a spring day in 2017. Science Hall houses the Nelson Institute for …

13 Campus Buildings Due for the Wrecking Ball

Summer 2019

It’s part of the campus master plan’s big picture: better managing space while protecting historic buildings and campus landscapes.

The Hole Story

Fall 2015

UW has one manhole for every 238 and a half feet of pipe.

The Red Gym’s Pool

Fall 2015

Once upon a time, the pool was for men only, and nude swimming was encouraged.

Commencement: The Ultimate Touchdown

Summer 2015

Chancellor Rebecca Blank gazes at a sea of black-clad grads-to-be.

Old Buildings Evoke Nostalgia

Summer 2015

James Mathee sent this photo of the Madison capitol taken by his grandfather, William Mathee, sometime between 1915 and 1917.

Thanks for the …

Can You See Me Now?

Fall 2012

Washburn Restoration