Campus buildings

Witte Gets Pretty

Winter 2019

An ingenious renovation allowed occupants to remain in the residence hall.

Introducing the Hamel Music Center

Winter 2019

The new facility is stunning inside and out.

Helen C. White Hall,
with a View

Summer 2019

Helen C. White Hall opened in 1971 with “135,000 books, a view, and a chance to be alone,” the alumni magazine stated

The Rise and Fall of Ladies Hall

Summer 2019

No men allowed: a group of 1960s female students relaxes in the Elizabeth Waters Residence Hall courtyard. The dorm would be the…

So Long to Nails’ Tales

Summer 2019

An uncertain future for a divisive campus sculpture.

How High?

Winter 2018

What UW building is the tallest? The answer may surprise you.

Memorial Library

Winter 2018

Shhhh! We’re studying here.

Note-Able Feature

Summer 2018

Jeff Miller

Those aren’t wagon wheels that passersby spotted earlier this year during construction of the Hamel Music Center at…

Chazen Museum of Art

Spring 2018

The Chazen presents 10 to 12 temporary exhibitions each year, featuring works from its permanent collection and pieces on loan from museums around…

Spring Break

Winter 2019

Can we have class outside today? Environmental science students enjoy the environment on a spring day in 2017. Science Hall houses the Nelson Institute for…

13 Campus Buildings Due for the Wrecking Ball

Winter 2019

It’s part of the campus master plan’s big picture: better managing space while protecting historic buildings and campus landscapes.

The Hole Story

Fall 2015

UW has one manhole for every 238 and a half feet of pipe.

The Red Gym’s Pool

Fall 2015

Once upon a time, the pool was for men only, and nude swimming was encouraged.

Commencement: The Ultimate Touchdown

Summer 2015

Chancellor Rebecca Blank gazes at a sea of black-clad grads-to-be.

Old Buildings Evoke Nostalgia

Summer 2015

James Mathee sent this photo of the Madison capitol taken by his grandfather, William Mathee, sometime between 1915 and 1917.

Thanks for…

Can You See Me Now?

Fall 2012

Washburn Restoration