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As coeditor of On Wisconsin, Dean Robbins makes assignments, edits articles, and writes about the wide world of UW–Madison. He has contributed to dozens of newspapers, magazines, broadcast outlets, and online publications, including USA Today, New York Daily News, and the Grammys magazine. He has worked as a nationally syndicated columnist, Wisconsin Public Radio essayist, and editor-in-chief of the Madison newspaper Isthmus, winning awards for arts, news, feature, and headline writing as well as for multimedia journalism. Dean draws on his reporting background in nonfiction children’s books that have been praised in The New York Times, USA Today, and Los Angeles Times. His book Wisconsin and the World is forthcoming from Wisconsin Historical Society Press.

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Business & Entrepreneurship

Virtual Party SchoolSpring 2021

For all their computer wizardry, the undergrads who created Spacebar got the word out through low-tech means. Courtesy of Spacebar You’re a UW–Madison student who can’t go to clubs or parties during the pandemic. Is there any option besides staying home alone? Now there is: you…