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A Warm Welcome

On Wisconsin’s summer issue offers something new under the sun.

People walk along a paved path through Alumni Park on a sunny day

A sunny summer day is the perfect excuse for reading On Wisconsin outdoors. Jeff Miller

The summer issue of On Wisconsin hopes to get you off the couch and into the sunshine.

Our cover story, “Art for All,” explores UW–Madison’s most significant works of public art, laying out a trail to follow if you happen to be back on campus this summer. Similarly, “The Perfect Summer Spot” leads you through the UW’s best warm-weather hangouts. And if these itineraries take you close to Bascom Hall, hike up the hill to see the glorious banners featured in “Sowing 160,000 Seeds.”

These are all free activities that require little more than a sturdy pair of shoes and a bottle of sunblock. Along the way, you can enjoy a scoop of Babcock Dairy ice cream, the subject of a rigorous statistical analysis in “Milk Metrics.” Or one of the savory sandwiches featured in “The Best Campus Burgers.”

We even have you covered for day trips. About 40 miles from Madison is Portage, home base for the illustrious UW alumna Zona Gale 1895, MA1899. “The Small-Town Writer Who Hit the Big Time” explores Gale’s Pulitzer-winning literary career, inspired by her scenic surroundings. Her heart swelled at the sight of the wide Wisconsin River flowing through Portage, and yours likely will, too.

In general, we’re reluctant to suggest recreational activities that don’t involve On Wisconsin. Luckily, a sunny summer day is the perfect excuse for reading a magazine outdoors.

Published in the Summer 2024 issue


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