Terrace Chairs

Spring 2019

The sunburst design is sure to spark fond memories. Do you know when it was created?

Union Weddings

Spring 2019

The Wisconsin Union has hosted hundreds of weddings during the past 90 years.

Terrace time

Spring 2016

Students get an early jump on Terrace time in March 2015. Temperatures soared into the sixties, giving Madisonians a chance to get some sun…

Badger Brewski

Summer 2015

A food science course is putting a new meaning behind “microbrewery.”

Taking the Plunge

Fall 2014

Newlyweds Matt Hill and Jessi Hill ’12 pose for a photographer at the Memorial Union’s swimming pier on a June evening before heading to their wedding reception at Tripp Commons.

Lakeside Cinema

Summer 2013

On summer nights for more than three decades, it’s been location, location, location for those who settle in to watch free movies on the Memorial Union Terrace.

Stage Two

Spring 2012

Memorial Union scales back its plan to renovate the theater lobby.