Health and medicine

Shilagh Mirgain

Winter 2017

What’s on your bucket list?

10 Most Popular Names

Winter 2017

Trends among our furry friends.

Who Looks Like a Surgeon?

Spring 2018

When UW surgeon Susan Pitt captured an homage to a New Yorker cover on her smartphone with help from some colleagues at a conference, …

A High-Fat Diet That Heals

Fall 2017

When drugs fail, epilepsy patients turn to this UW cooking class to learn how to curtail seizures by cutting carbs.

“Yes, and …”

Summer 2017

Improv techniques help medical professionals learn creativity and spontaneity.

Great Fall of China

Summer 2017

Should a Chinese couple have one baby? Two? More? UW obstetrician Fuxian Yi and his homeland are at odds over children.

The Disease Detective

Spring 2017

UW professor Tony Goldberg is on a life-saving mission: identify unknown pathogens before they jump to a new host and cause disease in other animals — and humans.

All Hands on Deck

Spring 2017

Scientists weren’t the only faculty members to assist the government — historians, geologists, and others pitched in, too.

2016 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Winter 2016

For 80 years, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has honored exceptional alumni with Distinguished Alumni Awards. Early recipients include actor Fredric March ’20 of Dr. Jekyll …

I Quit (Maybe)!

Winter 2016


Electronic cigarettes can’t be sold or marketed as smoking cessation aids, but many smokers see so-called vaping as a …

Just Breathe

Fall 2016

Feeling overwhelmed? UW research shows one simple act can make a difference.

Horsepower vs. Hearing

Summer 2016

Tractor image, Shutterstock; all other images, IStock; photo illustration by Nancy Rinehart

Growing up on a dairy farm in Viroqua, …

The Race to Stop Zika

Summer 2016

UW scientists hope that quickly sharing results will generate answers about the virus.

Physician, Heal Thyself

Summer 2016

Burnout and depression are common among medical students, but a UW course teaches them tools to stay healthy, along with their patients.

Greyson’s Anatomy

Summer 2016

When her mother died of Huntington’s, Shana Martin Verstegen ’02 didn't want to know if she’d get it, too — until deciding to become a mom herself.

In Memory of Lou

Summer 2016

People of color are more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease. The children of former Badger football star Lou Holland ’65 are among those that UW researchers are studying to try to learn why.

Story Time

Spring 2016

Doctors in training at the UW write down patients' memories — along with their symptoms — in a VA hospital program that documents the lives of military veterans.

Laura Albert McLay

Spring 2016

How to pick a better bracket.

Hunters No More

Winter 2015

Two UW alumni are working closely with African tribal warriors, teaching them how to protect — rather than kill — the majestic lions that roam their lands.

A New Mission

Fall 2015

For veterans who feel adrift upon returning home, Jake Wood ’05 has a suggestion: come along with us.

Collegiate Recovery 101

Fall 2015

UW–Madison has resources to help students struggling with substance abuse — but advocates hope to do much more.

How to Beat Ebola

Summer 2015

UW scientists make encouraging progress toward a vaccine.

Anteaters to Zebra Fish

Spring 2015

A UW service makes sure rare and wonderful species are in good hands.

One Diaper at a Time

Spring 2015

An unexpected process may lead to an earlier diagnosis for sick babies.

The Chemistry of Truthfulness

Spring 2015

UW Professor William Bleckwenn 1917, who first used sodium amytal to treat people with schizophrenia, had little idea that his pioneering work would lead to what is popularly known as truth serum.

Football Helmets

Winter 2014

Do Models Matter?

Quick Takes: Winter 2014

Winter 2014

UW News in Brief.

Love at First Image

Fall 2014

Ultrasounds create a powerful connection for dads-to-be.

Land of acronym acrobatics

Summer 2014

The campus has an unquenchable appetite for words made up from the initials of other words.

What Nerve!

Summer 2014

The Neuron Project sells cells to fund epilepsy research.

Quick Takes: Summer 2014

Summer 2014

UW News in Brief

Off the Prescribed Path

Summer 2014

Wherever she's gone in life, the medically underserved have always found Jenny Amani MD'09.

Seeing Results

Summer 2014

As scientists unravel the mysteries of human DNA, genetic counselors stand ready to interpret what it all means.

Head Injuries: Tiny Subjects Shed Light

Spring 2014

UW scientists find that fruit flies can inform damage in humans.

Flight of Honor

Spring 2014

UW doctor on a mission for his late father.

Waisman’s Legacy

Spring 2014

Waisman’s legacy started with a different name: Kennedy.

Serious Business

Winter 2013

As flu season begins, UW researchers work to stay a step ahead.

Dangerous Minds

Winter 2013

A UW researcher’s work with psychopaths inspires a new novel.

Quick Takes: Winter 2013

Winter 2013

UW News In Brief

By the Numbers: $6.8 Billion

Winter 2013

The cost of binge drinking