Cutting-Edge Cream

Winter 2019

James ’93 and Rob ’96 Baerwolf drew on UW innovations to develop Sassy Cow Creamery.

Cool Cows

Spring 2019

Who moo? Cool showers can comfort cows while they’re being milked.

13 Custom Confections

Winter 2017

Danielle Lawry

The Babcock Hall Dairy Plant makes special ice cream flavors to honor notable Badger people and events, and we…

Dairy Drama

Fall 2017

The $43 billion Wisconsin industry has benefited from a long tradition of UW support.

Leading the Whey

Fall 2014

A tart beverage makes for a sweet partnership.

By the Numbers: 69,031

Summer 2014

Babcock Hall Dairy Store

Milk Matters

Winter 2013

Dairy is not "straw hats and bib overalls" at the UW. The flagship institution in America's Dairyland draws on a long history of lacto-research, modern technology, and big data to thrive in what has become a very scientific field.


Winter 2013

Brown Swiss are divas.

Bob Wills MS’81, PhD’83, JD’91: Urban Cheesemaker

Winter 2012

When night settles on Milwaukee’s near south side, Clock Shadow Creamery starts humming

Dissolving Borders

Fall 2010

Dairy Science 375: Evaluation of Dairy Agroecosystems in Wisconsin and Mexico