Health and medicine

Story Time

Spring 2016

Doctors in training at the UW write down patients' memories — along with their symptoms — in a VA hospital program that documents the lives of military veterans.

Laura Albert McLay

Spring 2016

How to pick a better bracket.

Hunters No More

Winter 2015

Two UW alumni are working closely with African tribal warriors, teaching them how to protect — rather than kill — the majestic lions that roam their lands.

A New Mission

Fall 2015

For veterans who feel adrift upon returning home, Jake Wood ’05 has a suggestion: come along with us.

Collegiate Recovery 101

Spring 2016

UW–Madison has resources to help students struggling with substance abuse — but advocates hope to do much more.

How to Beat Ebola

Summer 2015

UW scientists make encouraging progress toward a vaccine.

Anteaters to Zebra Fish

Spring 2015

A UW service makes sure rare and wonderful species are in good hands.

One Diaper at a Time

Spring 2015

An unexpected process may lead to an earlier diagnosis for sick babies.

The Chemistry of Truthfulness

Spring 2015

UW Professor William Bleckwenn 1917, who first used sodium amytal to treat people with schizophrenia, had little idea that his pioneering work would lead to what is popularly known as truth serum.

Football Helmets

Winter 2014

Do Models Matter?

Quick Takes: Winter 2014

Winter 2014

UW News in Brief.

Love at First Image

Fall 2014

Ultrasounds create a powerful connection for dads-to-be.

Land of acronym acrobatics

Summer 2014

The campus has an unquenchable appetite for words made up from the initials of other words.

What Nerve!

Summer 2014

The Neuron Project sells cells to fund epilepsy research.

Quick Takes: Summer 2014

Summer 2014

UW News in Brief

Off the Prescribed Path

Summer 2014

Wherever she's gone in life, the medically underserved have always found Jenny Amani MD'09.

Seeing Results

Summer 2014

As scientists unravel the mysteries of human DNA, genetic counselors stand ready to interpret what it all means.

Head Injuries: Tiny Subjects Shed Light

Spring 2014

UW scientists find that fruit flies can inform damage in humans.

Flight of Honor

Spring 2014

UW doctor on a mission for his late father.

Waisman’s Legacy

Spring 2014

Waisman’s legacy started with a different name: Kennedy.

Serious Business

Winter 2013

As flu season begins, UW researchers work to stay a step ahead.

Dangerous Minds

Winter 2013

A UW researcher’s work with psychopaths inspires a new novel.

Quick Takes: Winter 2013

Winter 2013

UW News In Brief

By the Numbers: $6.8 Billion

Winter 2013

The cost of binge drinking

Milk Matters

Winter 2013

Dairy is not "straw hats and bib overalls" at the UW. The flagship institution in America's Dairyland draws on a long history of lacto-research, modern technology, and big data to thrive in what has become a very scientific field.

Pigment Prejudice

Winter 2013

Due to a belief that their body parts bring good luck, people with albinism in some African countries are hunted and killed. Two alumni are stepping in to help Tanzania, where the problem is most severe.

A Self-Paced Journey

Fall 2013

A professor’s words help a community explore its long-held beliefs.

HIV: Sex, Society, and Science

Fall 2013

This is a class about HIV, but it’s also about critical thinking, about using the scientific method to conceptualize a complex problem . . .

The Birth of Vitamin A

Fall 2013

With his accidental discovery of Vitamin A, UW professor Elmer McCollum kickstarted the field of modern nutrition.

Quick Takes: Summer 2013

Summer 2013

UW news in brief

A Promising Sight

Summer 2013

Family's cells lead researchers closer to curing eye disease

Ask the Experts

Summer 2013

On Wisconsin dispatches a bevy of reporters to track down UW experts and ask for advice on everyday stuff.

Sound Minds, Sound Bodies

Spring 2013

Longtime athletic trainer takes a holistic approach with Badger student athletes.

David Krakauer

Spring 2013

This research institute director’s recipe for success? Collaboration and a dash of humor.

See Spot Itch

Winter 2012

And see Spot stop itching, thanks to a new method to ease dog allergies.

Black Gold

Winter 2012

From a temple in India to American beauty salons, a global trade network spins hair into Black Gold

An Elephant Never Begets

Winter 2012

Delivering birth control to elephants is more difficult than you’d think — and more important.

Glowing Reviews

Fall 2012

This year’s Go Big Read selection illuminates Marie and Pierre Curie.

Mobility Marvel

Fall 2012

Engineering students help a surgeon get back on his feet in the OR.

[mis] guided light

Fall 2012

A psychopath focuses on a goal — no matter how chilling the consequences. But UW researchers have hopeful news about changing that behavior.