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Making Air Travel Safer

Summer 2022

The UW devises a tool to detect fog and low-lying clouds.

Folding Up the James Webb Telescope

Summer 2022

A Badger prepares the powerful instrument for its journey into space.

New Journey for UW Space Telescope

Winter 2021

The campus treasure is headed to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

One Little Problem with 5G Cellular Networks

Fall 2019

They might interfere with weather forecasting.

Lost in Space

Spring 2019

It’s getting mighty crowded in space as debris from satellites, labs, and other things shot into Earth’s orbit degrade over time and threaten to fall back to where they came from.

A Search for Simple Life

Winter 2018

Adam Steltzner PhD’99 just wanted a regular job, so he became an engineer — eventually, one of NASA’s top engineers. Now he’s helping lead the search for life on Mars.

Laurel Clark ’83, MD’87

Winter 2018

A remembrance of the Columbia astronaut.

6 Badgers in Space

Winter 2017

Suomi NPP satellite

Named after Verner Suomi, who founded the UW’s renowned Space Science and Engineering Center in 1965 and is……

Let’s Eat Out

We’re right at the dawn of space agriculture.

Big Red Landing

Winter 2012

An alumnus journeys from Madison to Mars.