Residence Halls

Our Landline Love Affair

Winter 2019

A look back at the telephone’s heyday in UW residence halls.

Witte Gets Pretty

Winter 2019

An ingenious renovation allowed occupants to remain in the residence hall.

5 Quiet Places on Campus

Winter 2019

From football Saturdays to live music on the Terrace, campus life can be loud. But there are coves of unexpected calm and seas of serenity if you know where — and when — to look.

A Game of Spoons

Spring 2015

An opportunity to right a wrong.

Juston Stix

Fall 2013

They’re loaded with butter and cheese. What’s not to love?


Fall 2013

Students make s’mores at Dejope residence hall, September 10, 2012.
Photo by Bryce Richter

We’ve Got Mail!

Summer 2013

Travel back with us now into the shadows of ancient history, to the year A.D. 1993.

Jump Around

Spring 2013

Take a hop, skip, and jump back in time . . .