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A senior librarian at UW-Madison, Raymond Hamel MA’85 is also a puzzle and trivia master. He’s had more than 2,300 crosswords published. To find the answers, click the puzzle graphic. Download a PDF of the puzzle and its solution here.


Published in the Fall 2014 issue


  • lois altenkirch September 6, 2014

    tough puzzle for me. i don’t know these old athletes.
    but please continue puzzles.

  • JONI FIEDLER September 10, 2014

    This was fun. Once I got dwayne lucas in there, i was able to figure out the rest of them-the other questionable answer was “oyez” Joni Thanks for the challenge.

  • lora liska September 14, 2014

    So where are the answers? didn’t know 59 down-68 across
    didn’t care for this puzzle. Had to use the internet for all those old athletes.

  • lora liska September 14, 2014

    Got it all finished now. Didn’t like 68 across or 59 down.
    Enjoy doing the puzzles.

  • Judy Scheuerell September 25, 2014

    I would also know where to find the answers.

  • JohnA September 26, 2014

    Just click on the word “here” at the end of the paragraph, and you’ll get a printable copy of the puzzle as well as its solution. —The Editors

  • Jyothi September 30, 2014

    My first crossword puzzle ever.Afraid I may be hooked on these from now on.
    Very difficult but enjoyed the challenge.
    Thank you

  • Heidi October 30, 2014

    Enjoyed this. Haven’t done one for a long time. Old athletes were hard… But missed some other easy ones too. Thanks.

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