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Badger Foodies

A senior special librarian at UW-Madison, Raymond Hamel MA’85 is also a puzzle and trivia master. He’s had more than 2,300 crosswords published. To find the answers, click the puzzle graphic. Download a PDF of the puzzle and its solution here.

Click the puzzle to see the solution

Published in the Fall 2013 issue


  • lora liska September 11, 2013

    Where do I find the answers? Been looking different sites and can’t find it.

  • Robert L Moore September 30, 2013

    RE:Badger Foodies Fall2013 pg51
    Please advise
    Who is Carson Gulley ?
    Bob Moore BSME 1949

  • Jim Walmann October 12, 2013

    RE: Badger Foodies

    For me, hotdogs with chocolate milk for breakfast at the Rathskeller, chocolate frozen bananas for lunch on the mall and meatloaf sandwiches at Mickies for dinner were staples at UW. Yum yum.

    Thanks for the crossword puzzle, Raymond. OnWisconsin… I haven’t constructed a Badger puzzle yet (just Packers & NFL), but would you consider a Badger submission if I do one?

    Jim Walmann BBA 1971

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