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The Birth of Bucky Badger’s Push-Ups

Fall 2019

Here's the definitive account of how and when the tradition began.

Alumni Park Opens

Winter 2017

At the Alumni Park grand opening in October, visitors admired the new statue of Bucky Badger. Andy Manis

Alumni Park

Flashin’ on Flashback

Spring 2013

Remembering Homecoming 1948.

Badger DNA

Winter 2012

Before Bucky, there was a raccoon.

Farewell to the Head

Fall 2012

Badger Nation has lost its head.

If You Want to Be a Badger …

Winter 2011

To earn your red and white stripes, you need to know a few things about Wisconsin traditions and rituals, past and present.

Big Red Wagon

Winter 2011

The antique fire engine returns, greener than ever.

Bucky Badger Always Warms My Heart

Winter 2011

There is a warm spot reserved in my heart for Buckingham U. “Bucky” Badger.

Badger Beauty

Spring 2010

What happened to the “Campus Mascot for the Seventies”?