Letters: Of Wolves and Hunting Dogs

John Allen did a great job of writing the article about wolves [“Wolves at the Door”] in the Fall 2009 issue. What really disturbed me, though, was the bit about Scott Meyer’s dog. Yes, I do have sympathy for the dog. Most pet owners would agree that it is tough to lose a pet under any conditions.

But I cannot go along with the activity — they call it sport — of hunting with dogs. Michigan allows the use of dogs to hunt bear, Florida uses dogs to hunt deer, and there are probably other states that have similar hunting allowances. Sport? How can they call such an activity sport? This is what the Romans did in the Coliseum in ages past to entertain after they tired of killing Christians. The Romans pitted wild animals against other animals to fight to the death. We are supposed to be civilized.

In my opinion, Scott Meyer belongs in the same camp as quarterback [Michael] Vick. Sending his “loved” pet out to tear apart a little bobcat is inhumane. So is the English “sport” of fox hunting with hounds. When the dogs exhaust their prey, they tear the poor creature to death, just as the wolves did poor Bonnie. We must assume that if Meyer’s redbone hound, Bonnie, had caught up with a bobcat on the other side of the river, a fight to the death would also have ensued. Sadly for Bonnie, she became prey rather than predator.

Wilton (W.D.) Nelson ’54

Leesburg, Florida

Published in the Winter 2009 issue


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