Lake Mendota Memories

I have many wonderful memories from the UW. The Winter 2013 Traditions section, “Walking on the Lake,” brought back to me the several occasions when I skated the six miles across Lake Mendota. On the way home with a following wind, I would open my jacket, pull the flaps out to the side, and sail home. I wonder whether any on campus today have shared that experience.

Les Mayers ’56 Pleasantville, New York


Thank you for that article and picture [of Lake Mendota]. I swam in Lake Mendota; slid on its lovely ice; and sat beside it to simply look at it.

[Another tradition I remember relates to the dairy department.] In one of the buildings (perhaps it was Ag Hall), there was a faucet out of which one could get all the skim milk one wanted — fresh that day. I would pack my lunch, eagerly hold the paper cup under the faucet, and fill and refill until I’d had enough. It was delicious!

Ellen Newton Duell ’50 Yellow Springs, Ohio

Published in the Spring 2014 issue


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