Weighing in on the Experts

I enjoyed the “Ask the Experts” piece in the Summer 2013 On Wisconsin. However, I must disagree with Doug Soldat’s recommendation on grass. As a lawn aficionado, I think tall fescue is best suited for pastures, not lawns. It disrupts the uniform appearance of the grass and grows in unattractive clumps. Plus, it takes over the other grasses. It should be banned from lawns!

Fred Abraham MA’69
Cedar Falls, Iowa

I couldn’t agree more with Patricia McConnell’s expert advice in the Summer 2013 issue about rats as great pets. I had a pet rat in childhood and am the owner of two pet rats adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society.

They are social, smart, and low maintenance. They are perfect pets for those who don’t mind getting a look of surprise on people’s faces when you tell them you have a pet rat!

Marcia Blackman ’08

Published in the Fall 2013 issue


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