Don’t Let Them Rib You

Allow me to gently disagree with Aimee Katz ’13 regarding advice to a prospective employee on eating ribs [News & Notes, Student Watch, Summer 2013]. Having grown up in Kansas City, Missouri, the barbeque rib capital of the world, I would imagine a prospective employer and other dinner guests would view a person eating ribs with a knife and fork as somewhat peculiar. In fact, it might even jeopardize that prospect’s employment chances.

I would suggest, first, waiting to order after others have, and do not order ribs if you’re the only person doing so. Second, if you do order ribs, explain that the proper means of consuming them is with your fingers, and while it might require more frequent use of a napkin, it is the most efficient and least awkward consumption method. Such devotion to tradition might even earn some kudos from the other guests.

Harvey Fried ’48
Prairie Village, Kansas

Published in the Fall 2013 issue


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