Weighing in on Lubar Institute

I have just read “A Leap of Faith” [Winter 2013], and it’s one of the most interesting things I’ve read in quite a while (and I read a lot).

I graduated from Moo U in 1949 and have many fond memories. Raised a Christian, I have long been fascinated by all formal religious faiths. Would that there had been such a group when I was there. … Congratulations to all the students who have participated in the interfaith discussion groups. I wish I could be there to join in.

William Lund ’49 Colorado Springs, Colorado

My time at the UW was devoted to the study of science, and I left an atheist. … The Lubar aim [“A Leap of Faith”] is commendable — helping Jews, Christians, and Muslims to understand each other’s religions and get along better. … but I question the advisability of this connection. … The only connection that a first-class university should have with religion is to include it in the study of politics and world history, with emphasis on the horrible past and present effects of religious belief.

Alan Johnsrud ’53, MA’54, PhD’58 Arlington, Virginia

Published in the Spring 2014 issue


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