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COVID-19 pandemic

No Newsfeed, No Cry

Winter 2022

In the early days of the pandemic, higher media consumption led to more emotional distress.

An Epidemic of Misinformation

Summer 2022

With more than 400 interviews during the COVID pandemic, epidemiologist Ajay Sethi became a thoughtful voice against falsehood and conspiracy.

A Scientist Ready for Her Closeup

Winter 2021

Sarah Ives ’12 achieved instant stardom in the documentary Pandemic.

A Viral Sensation

Spring 2021

Professor Malia Jones becomes the nation’s go-to COVID-19 expert with Dear Pandemic.

It All Adds Up

Winter 2020

The UW contains infections with a coronavirus dashboard.

The Post-COVID Workplace

Winter 2020

Is it worth going back to the office?

Delay of Games

Winter 2020

A guide to Badger football’s off-again, on-again season.

A Year to Remember

Winter 2020

Because how could we forget it?

On the Moo-ve

Winter 2020

The UW’s cows come home.

Campus Responds to COVID-19

Winter 2020

UW–Madison adapts to keep people safe for fall 2020.

Safer — and More Connected — at Home

Fall 2020

Check out these new ways to engage with campus.