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Looking for a New Job?

WAA speaker and resources offer encouragement.

Steve Pogorzelski ’83, former president of Monster North America, fields questions during WAA’s Fall Day on Campus. Photo: Andy Manis

The job market will not always be this bleak, according to Steve Pogorzelski ’83, former president of Monster North America, which hosts the employment site Pogorzelski, who spoke at WAA’s Day on Campus this past fall, predicts a major talent shortage once the economic crisis passes.

Pogorzelski, who also spoke at several other campus venues, based his prediction on declining birth rates and a major baby boomer retirement wave. Although many boomers have been forced to delay retirement due to the faltering economy, he said, they will still need to retire eventually.

“The good news is that long-term prospects have never been brighter, due to the changing demographics of the workforce,” he said, adding that the nation is already experiencing a shortage of health-care workers, car mechanics, accountants, and auditors.

In addition to hosting speakers such as Pogorzelski, WAA is ramping up its online career resources and networking events to help job seekers. New options include the chance to network online with WAA’s LinkedIn group, and a new job posting board just for Badgers called BuckyNet. The Badger Career Network provides another tool to connect job hunters and employers. To begin using these powerful resources, go to

Published in the Spring 2009 issue


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