Letters: Hooked on On Wisconsin

Hooked on On Wisconsin

I don’t know who to thank for the latest issue of On Wisconsin, but I’m glad that I happened to open it. In all honesty, I usually recycle mine immediately, as I found the issues to be uninspiring years ago. Admittedly, UW is such a large school, it must be challenging to connect with the masses that are UW alumni, but so far, nothing [had] really moved me.

Then, you [featured] Lorrie Moore on the cover. I had the pleasure of having Ms. Moore as a creative writing teacher. That caught my eye, and I was curious to see how she is [doing]. It took me about twenty minutes to get to her article, as I found myself reading every article between the front cover and the cover story. I was captivated. The articles were interesting, dynamic, and written with appropriate wit; it was tight. I’m hooked.

I’ve read the current issue cover to cover and feel more connected with my alma mater. I don’t know when the shift happened, but I’m very much looking forward to the next publication. Kudos.

Sarah Kissel ’94 Madison

Published in the Summer 2010 issue


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