Letters: They Want to Be Badgers

The segment about the Fifth Quarter in “If You Want to Be a Badger” [Winter 2011] triggered a memory for me. The UW Marching Band was a guest at a Packers-49ers game in November 2009, and gave concerts before the game, at halftime, and following play for a half-hour each time. Following the latter, which included segments of the band moving up into the stands, nobody at Lambeau Field left their seats. The spectacle captivated the fans, and not even a fly-over by F-16 jets compared in the lump-in-your-throat department. It was awesome.

Gene Schwarze ’61
Eagle River, Wisconsin

The writer of “If You Want to Be a Badger” missed one of my favorite UW foods. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as well known as Babcock ice cream — it’s fudge-bottom pie. If I had to choose between Babcock ice cream and fudge-bottom pie for my last meal, I’d go for the latter and be in heaven.

If this pie is no longer on the [Wisconsin] Union’s menu, I’ll sic the ghost of the late, longtime Union director Porter Butts on ye!

Karen Tancill ’64
Racine, Wisconsin

Published in the Spring 2012 issue


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