Uniquely Human

The scholarship of Robert Enright and Donna Hicks is like the branches of a family tree. Enright, an educational psychology professor renowned for his exploration into the role of forgiveness, was Hicks’s adviser while she worked on her doctoral degree at UW–Madison. As Enright continued his groundbreaking work on forgiveness, Hicks began studying the equally complex and emotional topic of dignity. While their work may have taken root at different times, their subjects are unquestionably connected within the context of human experience. On Wisconsin talks to this teacher and his student, now peers, both of whom demonstrate a willingness to examine the dark places within us, and a commitment to bring them into the light.

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Personal Peace

Robert Enright believes that learning to forgive is not a weakness at all — but a powerful act that brings healing and happiness.
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World Peace

Donna Hicks has found that the simple concept of honoring human dignity has the power to achieve reconciliation when nothing else can.
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Published in the Spring 2013 issue

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