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An Ancient Subject for Modern Art

Truman Lowe’s Effigy: Bird Form was inspired by ancient Ho-Chunk mounds.

A group of people stand behind the Effigy: Bird Form sculpture.

Bryce Richter

Last September, UW–Madison dedicated a striking aluminum sculpture called Effigy: Bird Form by the late UW professor and Ho-Chunk Nation artist Truman Lowe MFA’73. Lowe created the sculpture in 1997, inspired by ancient Ho-Chunk mounds. Before finding its permanent home near Van Hise Hall, it was showcased at Phoenix’s Heard Museum and the White House. “This is my attempt to pay my respects, to celebrate the longevity of our history and our traditions,” Lowe said of the work. “We have endured, and I know we will survive.”

Published in the Spring 2024 issue


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