UW–Madison in the Year 2198

Complex illustration in the style of "Where's Waldo" that depicts a futuristic UW-Madison campus with high speed rail, rockets, jet packs, and a giant Bucky Badger wading through Lake Mendota.

Our illustrator peered into his crystal ball to create this view of UW–Madison on its 350th anniversary. Yes, there will be jetpacks.

Download a copy you can color in yourself.


  • Mukhles Rahman March 9, 2023

    May be 2100 AD ? 2198 will be more advanced but earth in bigger peril due to climate changes!

  • Justin Masuga April 11, 2023

    Is that Illustration available in the full color mode or will there be prints? It’s a pretty sweet throwback to the city map Illustrations from the 80s/90s that mapped out the best of the best throughout the town.

  • william April 11, 2023

    Image could have been done in the 60’s. Jetson cars. Only historic bldgs will be kept. Everything else will be replaced twice by then.

  • Elizabeth S April 11, 2023

    I sure hope Picnic Point doesn’t turn into an amusement park. Definitely here for 200+ years of Paul’s Books though!

  • Larry N July 21, 2023

    The Roundhouse Survives!

  • Norvel Sather July 21, 2023

    So great to see the Delta Upsilon house still on the lake shore. Go Ducks.

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