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[In regard to] the Wisconsin governor complaining about the crew coach’s harsh language [Traditions, Spring 2013]: During finals week 1969 at Liz Waters, we would drag our mattresses to the lakefront back patio to sleep. All was tranquil until dawn, when the crew skimmed by, and the coach from his motorboat kept screaming his head off — and he didn’t limit it to “harsh” language, believe me!

I got the inspiration to tape a note to the boathouse door, not so much complaining about the noise, but asking if the coach was having marital troubles or something and taking it out on his team.

Next morning, no yelling, except for this from the whole team: “Hello, Liz Waters!”

Emboldened by that, we left a note again that night — a request that they sing “Varsity” to us. And they did. My favorite Badger moment ever.

Carol Knutson Siedell ’71 Cockeysville, Maryland

Published in the Summer 2013 issue


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