Letters: Rennie’s Memories

On my way to ed psych classes and Madison’s main public library, I’d stop at Rennebohm’s for an orange juice and muffin — total bill $1. The article “Rennie’s: Then and Now” [Fall 2011 Traditions] brought back fond memories of the UW and Madison.

Lois Schelle Roets MS’75 Des Moines, Iowa


I would never have gone to UW–Madison if it weren’t for the Rennebohm scholarship I received in 1965. I came from the small town of Muscoda, where my father was a truck driver hauling logs. As valedictorian of my class, I had tuition money, but no money to live on. Oscar Rennebohm came through for two years.

I’m now an international human rights attorney, have worked in fourteen countries, and [think] every day many times [about what the Rennebohm scholarship] and the UW–Madison gave to me. I’m glad to see Rennie’s back in spirit.

Dianne Post ’69, JD’78 Phoenix, Arizona

Published in the Winter 2011 issue


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