Letters: Way to Rune a Hypothesis

Rune with a View” [Spring 2012] raises some interesting questions about the Vikings coming to mid-America: In boats propelled by sails and oars, how did they travel up the St. Lawrence River against the wind and the current?

What did they do to get by the numerous rapids on the river that today are bypassed by canals? What did they do when confronted by Niagara Falls and the regional escarpment over which it flows? How did they get from Lake Huron to Lake Superior in a time long before the Sault Sainte Marie locks?

How did they survive a one-thousand-mile journey through hostile Indian territory?If they really did penetrate North America, why is this feat not recorded in their sagas, which proclaim their history?

Marilyn Hurst MS’85, PhD’91 Madison

Published in the Summer 2012 issue


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