Ice Cream for the Ages

A special Babcock Hall flavor celebrates the UW’s 175th anniversary.

Illustration of Bucky Badger's arm holding an ice cream cone

Danielle Lawry

What’s a birthday party without ice cream? One way the university celebrated its 175-year milestone this year was to solicit suggestions for a special Babcock Hall flavor to acknowledge its “demisemiseptcentennial.”

The winner, 175 S’more Years, contains, unsurprisingly, “rich chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow swirl and graham cracker crunch.” The limited-run concoction is one of more than 200 unique ice cream flavors that the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant has created since its founding.

Runner-up suggestions from an online poll that drew more than 8,000 votes were Demi Semi Confetti, Demi-Semi-Sweet-Centennial, and Flamingos on the Hill. The winning flavor was first served at the university’s 175th anniversary gala celebration in October.

Couldn’t make it to the gala? You still have a chance to try the flavor if you can make it back to campus before June. (Roasting over an open campfire is not recommended, however.)

To learn about more 175th anniversary initiatives, see

Published in the Spring 2024 issue


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