Correcting Corrections

I work for the [Pennsylvania Department of Corrections] and I applaud this work [“Fulsome Prison Blues,” Fall 2014]. Great, great job. We do need reform in the criminal justice system. We need to stop privatization of prison systems and various services in prisons. Trading stock and lobbying based on people who are incarcerated is outrageous. Please run more articles on reforming the field of corrections.

Tina Bloom

I just moved to Philadelphia to start my residency in pediatrics. My training is split between Einstein Medical Center and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, both in North Philadelphia flanking Sixth Street. Living in Center City, I drive or take the subway through the neighborhood that Alice Goffman studied, and I take care of children from exactly this neighborhood. We know about the challenges these families face daily, from food insecurity to incarcerated parents, and I am glad that this issue is being made more common knowledge. Hopefully the support needed comes next.

Dan Beardmore ’09


Published in the Winter 2014 issue


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