Letters: A Hemingway Heroine

I turned the pages, slowly, of David McKay Wilson’s reportage of photojournalist Lynsey Addario ’95 [“The Eye of the Storm,” Summer 2011 On Wisconsin]. With words and images seeping, searing into me, I felt transported. No longer was I reading a modern-day accounting of an exceptional alumna, but a manuscript, long lost and never imagined and strikingly illustrated — a chronicle of the valorous life and life’s work of a Hemingway heroine.

Ms. Addario’s extraordinarily emotive photography, in combination with her personal story, make this issue, in my view, indelible. Thank you for bringing attention to these troubled regions and their tormented people with such timeless, sensitive artistry and respect.

Robert Andropolis ’84 Montgomery, Illinois

Published in the Fall 2011 issue


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