Treating Psychopaths

Thank you for publishing that groundbreaking article on psychopathy! [“(Mis)guided Light,” Fall 2012 On Wisconsin]. Jenny Price, you’ll have my undying thanks for writing about people we fear and hope will stay in prison forever. The combination of neuroscience, valid research studies, and promising treatment modalities gives me hope that this will be regularly implemented in our Wisconsin prison system. I dearly wish a man I’ve known for years could get access to this treatment, as he presents some of the symptoms you describe, and his release date is expected within one to two years. What also is so striking is that if you flipped a coin, these inmates often have all the qualities of a CEO or top leader. I hope all will be enlightened by your cutting-edge article.

Lynn Griebling MMusic’69 Green Bay, Wisconsin

Published in the Winter 2012 issue


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