Everett Potter ’76: Where Does a Travel Writer Go on Vacation?

Winter 2009

Travel writer Everett Potter ’76 has the kind of job that most people only dream of — getting paid to travel the world, sample the best hotels, or ski at the finest mountain resorts.

Shane Welch ’01: Heady Accomplishments

Fall 2009

Shane Welch ’01 founded Sixpoint Craft Ales in the basement of his former Vilas Avenue apartment. Now based in Brooklyn, New York, Welch distributes exclusively in New York City to more than five hundred bars and restaurants.

Eric Kleefeld ’04: Pioneering Journalism’s New Frontier

Spring 2010

The blog called Talking Points Memo (TPM) is forging new pathways in online journalism, and Eric Kleefeld ’04 is part of the revolution.

Robert Stone ’80: Remembering Earth Day

Spring 2010

Filmmaker Robert Stone ’80 remembers crushing cans in his suburban New Jersey hometown during the very first Earth Day forty years ago.