Cutting-Edge Cream

Winter 2019

James ’93 and Rob ’96 Baerwolf drew on UW innovations to develop Sassy Cow Creamery.

Rethinking Kids and Trauma

Winter 2019

Jennifer Elkins ’97 MS’98 teaches social workers and lawyers to work collaboratively.

Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

Fall 2019

Investigative journalist Scott Carney MA’04 does — in his own way.

Meet Barbie’s Brand Manager

Fall 2019

Erin Strepy MBA'15 plays with dolls every day because that’s her job.

‘Writing Emotion’ at Hallmark

Summer 2019

Jason Tracy

If you’ve been to a wedding, baby shower, funeral, or birthday party in the last 13 years, you’ve probably…

A Hundred Trucks to Call Her Own

Summer 2019

Renee Meiller

Nancy Spelsberg ’99, MBA’06 will gladly nudge students toward industrial engineering. And it’s not just because she’s a graduate…

Nancy Baym

Spring 2019

Nancy Baym ’86 studies the close connection between musicians and audiences.

Chris Burt

Spring 2019

Chris Burt ’83 has long been fascinated by weather — of the extreme variety.

Alannah McCready

Spring 2019

Priscilla Priebe

Long before she led the UW women’s hockey team to two NCAA Division I championships, goalie Alannah McCready ’10…

Nicolaas Mink

Spring 2019

Bethany Goodrich

Nic Mink ’02, PhD’10 is mad as halibut, and he’s not going to take it anymore. Mink likes fish.…

Chris Linehan Freytag ’87

Winter 2018

Fitness Favorite

Brian Stockmaster MFA’98

Winter 2018

Charlie Simokaitis

When Barack Obama appeared before cheering crowds in Chicago on the night he won the 2008 election, Brian Stockmaster…

Lester Graves Lennon ’73

Fall 2018

Sarah Morton

If you were looking for Lester Graves Lennon ’73 back in the late ’60s, chances are you found him…

Andy Rosengarden ’97

Fall 2018

Joe Vericker

At a bakery where treats serve the greater good, keeping the fiscal house in order is a sweet gig.…

Cynthia Hornig ’91

Summer 2018

Rachel Schultz

Ten years after Cynthia Hornig ’91 and her friend Jen Jones left their jobs in 2001 to start a…

Alex Frecon ’09

Summer 2018

Courtesy of Howe International Friendship League

When Alex Frecon ’09 left his home in Minnesota to play hockey against the

Emma Straub MFA’08

Spring 2018

Andrea Mohin/The New York Times/Redux

A Store Grows In Brooklyn

The planning took months. For a brief moment, when emotions ran…

Gordon Hempton MAx’82

Spring 2018

In search of the sounds of silence.

Jenni Radosevich ’05

Winter 2017

Jon Mattrisch

DIY Career

Jenni Radosevich ’05 (above, center) was crafting long before it was cool — before Pinterest and…

Mike Splinter ’72, MS’74

Winter 2017

Courtesy of Mike Splinter

Taking Stock of Success

When Mike Splinter ’72, MS’74 (above at Rheinfall, Switzerland) joined the board of…

John Hanc MA’83

Fall 2017

Courtesy of John Hanc

To write a book proposal on a woman known as the Marathon Goddess, John Hanc MA’83,…

Steve Marmel ’88

Fall 2017

From campus comedian to a king of kids' comedy.

Daniel Brenner ’92

Summer 2017

Photo: Ronen Tivony

It took Rabbi Daniel Brenner ’92 until now to realize that he just wants to…

Deborah Derman MA’76

Summer 2017

Regina Miller, Origin Photo

Breath. Purpose. Compassion.

For many people who have lost a loved one or are experiencing…

Mark Zimmer ’82, JD’85

Summer 2017

Andy Manis

By day, Mark Zimmer ’82, JD’85 is a Madison lawyer. But by night, he’s a classical-music…

Eric Barrow ’93

Spring 2017

Andy Clayton, New York Daily News

Six months after graduating, Eric Barrow ’93 was knocking around Tokyo, brushing up…

Melissa Auerbach Murphy ’01

Spring 2017

Scott Suchman

When 73 percent of hiring managers say that appearance is a big factor in who gets the…

Angie Stanton ’98

Winter 2019

Alumni author’s latest book is a campus trip through time.

Dorri McGhee McWhorter ’95

Winter 2016

Photo by Alissa Pagels

As the CEO of YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, Dorri McGhee McWhorter ’95 is garnering headlines…

Albert “Ab” Nicholas ’52, MBA’55

Winter 2016

Farewell to a Good Friend

John Woolley MA’74, PhD’80

Fall 2016

Matt Perko

John Woolley MA’74, PhD’80 was 12 when he stood at a Nashville, Tennessee, curb watching President John…

Ben McCready x’76

Fall 2016

The portrait painter’s roster includes four U.S. presidents and several celebrities, such as George Clooney and Paul Newman.

Thomas Kalil ’85

Summer 2016

He’s in search of the next “moon shot.”

Nicole Rocklin ’01

Summer 2016

A movie producer talks about life in the spotlight after her Oscar win, and why she knew she had to produce a movie about journalists who uncovered sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

Carey Dunai Lohrenz ’90

Summer 2016

She translates the soaring highs and lows of her career as the U.S. Navy’s first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot into powerful insights about teamwork and leadership.

Scott Wilhelm ’01

Spring 2016

He helps travelers go way off the beaten path.

Raney Aronson-Rath ’92

Spring 2016

She uses virtual reality to tell some of the world's toughest — and most important — stories.

Regina “Jeanie” Davan ’03

Spring 2016

She can stop conversation by saying what she does for a living.

Laura Neuman ’89, JD’93

Winter 2015

Her work empowers citizens in the developing world.

Michael Molnar PhD’71

Winter 2015

The search for the most famous star in history.