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Letters: The Concerts You Never Forget

Fall 2021

Jimi Hendrix plays at the Factory in 1968. Robert Schultz

Our Spring 2021 issue featured an article on legendary pop concerts…

Letters: The Sterling Hall Bombing

Fall 2021

Alumni respond to our 50th-anniversary article “The Blast That Changed Everything.”

On, Alumnae: Kate Hamilton Pier

Summer 2019

Hamilton Pier became the first woman in the country to be granted a judicial appointment. Courtesy of Fond Du Lac County

On, Alumnae: Fran Hamerstrom

Summer 2019

Hamerstrom, one of the UW’s pioneering ecologists, exhibits the tail feathers of a broad-winged hawk in Plainfield, Wisconsin, in 1965. UW

On, Alumnae: Larzette Hale-Wilson

Summer 2019

Larzette Hale-Wilson, pictured with accountant Milton Wilson, became the first African American woman in the country to earn a PhD in accounting.…

On, Alumnae: Kit Saunders-Nordeen

Summer 2019

A champion of Title IX, Saunders-Nordeen became the UW’s first women’s athletic director in 1974. UW Archives dn05052510

As the first UW…

On, Alumnae: Diane Larsen

Following a stint as a veterinarian, Larsen found her true passion: drug development for animals. Courtesy of UW School of Pharmacy


On, Alumnae: Thelma Estrin

Summer 2019

Estrin introduced computing technology to medical research, leading the way to today’s health-care systems. Wikimedia Commons

Thelma Estrin ’48, MS’49, PhD’52 blazed…

On, Alumnae: Helen Dickie

Summer 2019

Dickie, pictured in 1974, played a leading role in treating tuberculosis throughout Wisconsin. Submitted photo

When Helen Dickie ’35, MD’37…

On, Alumnae: Joanne Disch

Summer 2019

Disch has long been an advocate for improving health care in the U.S. “I want to blow up our system,” she said…

On, Alumnae: Mary Kenneth Keller

Summer 2019

As a nun, Keller defied traditional expectations in becoming the first woman to earn a PhD in computer science. Courtesy of

On, Alumnae: Jean Manchester

Summer 2019

After her husband died in 1966, Manchester became a leader in the meat distribution industry, earning several career honors. Submitted photo


On, Alumnae: Azita Saleki-Gerhardt

As a pharmaceutical leader with many roles, Saleki-Gerhardt encourages other women to “stretch themselves” and get outside their comfort zones. Courtesy of

On, Alumnae: Elizabeth McCoy

Summer 2019

McCoy, pictured in her bacteriology lab in 1953, became one of the first women in science to earn a full professorship at…

Slideshow: Madison Flood

Winter 2018

Madison-area lake levels continued to rise after a record-breaking storm on August 20, 2018, dumped more than 10 inches of rain on parts of…