On Alumni

Distinguished Alumni Awards 2019

Winter 2019

The honorees have made exceptional contributions to the world.

Asia + UW 4ever

Fall 2019

A recent trip by university leaders strengthens ties in the region.

Day of the Badger Gets the Red Out

Summer 2019

The new event featured 1,848 minutes of pure fun, spirit, and generosity.

The Scoop on Founders’ Days

Spring 2019

The UW has been celebrating Founders’ Days since 1924.

Five Badger Standouts

Winter 2018

WAA recognizes the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients.

The Marvels of Cartooning

Fall 2018

Andy Manis

Just like the superheroes he creates, artist Jeff Butler x’18 provided powerful inspiration when he led a workshop on…

Eat, Stroll, Connect

Summer 2018

UW Now connects alumni in Atlanta.

Groovin’ … on Reunion Afternoons

Spring 2018

Face paint and street theater were hallmarks of the counterculture during the antiwar years. UW ARCHIVES 2018s00007

UW alumni who were…

Alumni Park Opens

Winter 2017

At the Alumni Park grand opening in October, visitors admired the new statue of Bucky Badger. Andy Manis

Alumni Park

4 Distinguished Alumni

Winter 2017

Since 1936, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has honored leaders in their fields.

Discover Alumni Park

Winter 2019

Bryce Richter

October 6
Grand opening, 6 p.m.; includes exhibits unveiling, artisan demonstrations, UW Marching Band, and appearances by alumni…

WAA Names a New Leader

Fall 2017

Sarah Schutt takes the reins from Paula Bonner.

Crudités and Camaraderie

Winter 2019

UW experts teach a bit of Badger gastronomy.

Boosting Bucky’s Budget

Winter 2019

In January, UW–Platteville Chancellor Dennis Shields (left) and UW–Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank attended one of several UW Systemwide events to…

On, Wisconsin Idea!

Spring 2017

A salute to this year’s Forward under 40 Award winners.

2016 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Winter 2016

For 80 years, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has honored exceptional alumni with Distinguished Alumni Awards. Early recipients include actor Fredric March ’20 of Dr. Jekyll…

Major Milestone

Winter 2019

Grandparents University welcomes its first great-grandchild and continues a treasured tradition for one Badger family.

Ws Around the World

Summer 2016

It’s become a signature display of UW pride: Badgers hold up both hands with thumbs touching and index fingers pointing outward to form a W.…

Living the Wisconsin Idea

Spring 2016

For nearly a decade, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has honored UW–Madison alumni under the age of forty who have excelled in…

2015 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Winter 2015

Four alumni who make us proud, including Steve Levitan ’84 co-creator of TV’s Modern Family.

Commencement: The Ultimate Touchdown

Summer 2015

Chancellor Rebecca Blank gazes at a sea of black-clad grads-to-be.

The Wisconsin Idea Is Having a Moment

Summer 2015

From faculty showcases to national news, alumni weigh in on this cherished Badger principle.

Badgers Helping Badgers

Summer 2015

Alumni are networking around careers, diverse communities, and global connections.

Badger Tracks: Summer 2015

Summer 2015

News briefs from the Wisconsin Alumni Association

Advocating for Your University

Spring 2015

Alumni voices have played a role for more than 150 years.

Sweet Victory

Spring 2015

For the second time, Badgers have won The Amazing Race.

An Outback Bowl To Remember

Spring 2015

Photo: Pete Christianson.

From left are Mike Artus, Kelli Trumble ’79, Emily Artus, Cindy Artus, and Ben Borcher. Emily Artus, who has…

Young Alumni Who Mean Business

Spring 2015

Meet the 2015 Forward under 40 honorees.

Cold Shoulder

Winter 2014

During Hoofers’ Winter Carnival last February, students built themselves a classmate out of snow on Lake Mendota. Hoofers are the Union’s outdoors activities clubs.

New Tradition Captures a W Snapshot

Winter 2014

Coolest. Class. Picture. Ever.

Making Homecoming Welcoming for All

Winter 2014

Multicultural activities aim to broaden alumni engagement

Badger Tracks Winter 2014

Winter 2014

News briefs from the Wisconsin Alumni Association

Badger Tracks Fall 2014

Fall 2014

News briefs from the Wisconsin Alumni Association

Meet the Terps

Fall 2014

Muppets, but no Mendota ...

Taking the Plunge

Fall 2014

Newlyweds Matt Hill and Jessi Hill ’12 pose for a photographer at the Memorial Union’s swimming pier on a June evening before heading to their wedding reception at Tripp Commons.

From Spectacles to Start-ups, from Computer Chips to Civil Rights

Summer 2014

The Wisconsin Alumni Association has presented Distinguished Alumni Awards since 1936. Meet the four celebrated honorees.

Game On

Summer 2014

Undergrads are glued to their television in Sellery Hall on the evening of April 5, as the Badger men’s basketball team plays Kentucky in the NCAA semifinal.

Young Alumni Demonstrate Global Reach

Spring 2014

The 2014 Forward under 40 Award-winners are bettering lives around the world.

Founders’ Days Celebrate the UW’s Past, Present, and Future

Spring 2014

Alumni commemorate 165 years of Badger excellence.

Dog Days

Spring 2014

Students prepare for finals with handfuls of fur.