First Person

A Broadway Star’s UW Roots

Winter 2019

Here’s how we uncovered the story of André De Shields’s fabled stint on campus.

Finding Uncle Buster

Fall 2019

Our story on the MIA Project’s search for a missing World War II pilot was a labor of love.

Warrington Colescott

Spring 2019

Remembering the pioneering UW printmaker and art professor.

Langdon Street

Winter 2018

Fred Milverstedt ’69 reflects on a UW–Madison childhood.

Alnisa Allgood

Fall 2018

The UW’s LGBT student center opened its doors 26 years ago.

Paul Rusk ’77, MA’91

Summer 2018

Photo courtesy of Naomi Halverson

“We must always remember that we — the people of this nation — should and can…

Charles and Sara Rippey

Spring 2018

A love story meets a tragic ending.

Dee Willems ’90, MS’96

Winter 2019

UW Archives S06352

“I figured if it was going to happen eventually, it might as well be me,” says Dee Willems…