Art for the Asking

Winter 2019

Campus Art Exchange has a brilliant plan for beautifying UW–Madison.

Insects du Jour

Fall 2019

Here's a solution to global food scarcity: eat more bugs.

Photography vs. Segregation

Summer 2019

In 2002, Gillian Laub ’97 made what would be the first of many trips to Mount Vernon, Georgia, to photograph the lives of teenagers…

They Came to Create at Tandem Press

Summer 2019

Every few weeks, another one arrives: a visiting artist to create a new work at Tandem Press, UW–Madison’s fine-art print shop. Tandem is…

Wisconsin Vinyl

Spring 2019

Amid a vinyl revival, the UW’s Mills Music Library dusts off its robust record collection.

Say Cheese

Winter 2018

Wrestling bears, a soaring eagle, and curious fawns are among the 22 million images captured by a first-of-its-kind network of volunteer-run trail cameras in…

Bucky on Parade

Fall 2018

Take the quiz!

Beauty Vanishes

Fall 2018

During more than four decades as a photographer, Michael Kienitz ’74 has worked in some of the most beautiful spots in the world —…


Summer 2018

UW–Madison researchers in South Africa are at the heart of work that is unraveling the mysteries of the universe, determining when and how life…

Hoopes Sisters Illustrations

Spring 2018

Susan Barribeau ’77, MA’91 had no time to waste when she came across a listing for 25 sketchbooks that had belonged to Margaret and…

7 Unusual Gifts

Winter 2017

Jeff Miller

To thank the university that launched you into the real world, sometimes writing a check doesn’t feel like enough.…

Wisconsin Singers

Winter 2019

For five decades, the Wisconsin Singers have taken their act on the road to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the university. Former WAA…

Physics Museum

Fall 2017

Above and below: Students from the Milwaukee Excellence Charter School explored hands-on exhibits during a tour of the L. R. Ingersoll Physics…

Earth in HD

Summer 2017

The planet like you’ve never seen it before, including views of Earth at night and in true color during the day.

Poage Sculpture

Spring 2017

Sculptor Elmer Petersen created a statue of George Poage for the city of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Michael Lieurance


Stitching History

Spring 2017

UW students connect to a designer’s lost legacy.

Pioneering Glass Artist

Winter 2016

Audrey Handler was one of the early students of famed UW professor Harvey Littleton, who pioneered the studio glass movement.

The Hyperpiano

Winter 2016

UW music professor Christopher Taylor debuts the new instrument he developed on campus.

Shakespeare’s First Folio

Fall 2016

The UW’s Chazen Museum of Art will host an exhibition of the 1623 First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays, in honor…

Alumni Artists

Fall 2016

“There are way too many artists and way too few galleries,” says Barry Carlsen MFA’83. That’s why he started Big Ten(t), an alliance connecting…

Musical Theater Performance

Summer 2016

When we start staging things, if you don’t know your lyrics, you are going to get killed

Ws Around the World

Summer 2016

It’s become a signature display of UW pride: Badgers hold up both hands with thumbs touching and index fingers pointing outward to form a W.…

Dalton Trumbo’s Papers

Spring 2016

The UW holds a piece of Hollywood history.

Chazen Mural-in-Progress

Winter 2015

Japanese artist Manabu Ikeda’s work is massive, but the overall size is only a small part of his unique vision.

Homecoming Buttons

Fall 2015

Pete Christianson ’71, JD’77 is on a mission.

Cool Science Images

Winter 2019

Imagery can serve as essential data that help scientists understand how things work, but science images can also be fascinating and beautiful.

Liking Lichen

Spring 2015

The Wisconsin State Herbarium has added 60,000 samples to its collection.


Winter 2013

The Young Coleoptera Collection brings the UW bunches of beetles.

The Stuff of Memories

Summer 2013

To call Patrick McBride MD’80 a collector of sports memorabilia doesn’t quite cut it.

Hanky Panky

Winter 2012

You may think it’s funny, when your nose is runny, but it’s snot.

All Dolled Up

Spring 2012

Forget about celebrity websites. Only paper likenesses would do back in the day.

The Art-Lovers Lane

Summer 2011

The Chazen receives $30 million worth of modern art.

Moving Mountains

Spring 2011

An exhibit shows that sparse information once led to cartographic creativity.

1.1 Million and Growing

Summer 2010

The Wisconsin State Herbarium traces its roots to the founding of the university

Designing Woman

Fall 2009

An online exhibit highlights the costumes created in Edith Head’s head.