UW Marching Band Meets the Top 40

Winter 2019

New director Corey Pompey puts his stamp on a great tradition.

Why I Became a Nurse

Winter 2019

Elizabeth Arth ’19 made a career turn, inspired by her son’s care after an injury.

Bonnie Oleson: Badger Announcer, Badger Fan

Fall 2019

The longtime PA announcer for Badger women’s basketball, volleyball, and softball is not exactly a detached observer.

David Blight: A New Take on Frederick Douglass

Fall 2019

His acclaimed biography profiles the great American abolitionist.

Cora Weiss Keeps the Peace

Summer 2019

The activist has long been on the front lines of women’s and peace movements.

#MeToo in Science

Summer 2019

The #MeToo movement reaches far beyond Hollywood and Capitol Hill. The sciences are also grappling with how to address sexual harassment. This past year,…

Keeping Score

Spring 2019

Otto Puls ’55 is the one constant for Wisconsin Athletics, having served as the Badger men’s basketball official scorekeeper for the past 55 years.

Consummate Cinematographer

Winter 2018

Peter Deming ’80

Suicide Prevention

Winter 2018

Valerie Donovan ’11, MA’12 coordinates resources and support networks across campus.

Pat Richter ’64, JD’71

Fall 2018

The former UW football star who made the Badgers a national force.

Jessica Weeks

Fall 2018

A UW expert discusses the “dark side” of international relations: dictatorships.

Aaron Bird Bear

Summer 2018

As assistant dean for Student Diversity Programs in the School of Education, Aaron Bird Bear MS’10 fills a lot of roles: recruiting and retaining…

Erik Iverson

Spring 2018

Erik Iverson calls himself the consummate outsider: he is not a UW–Madison alumnus and he’s not from Wisconsin. But in 2016, he…

Lois Levenhagen

Spring 2014

Meet the woman who keeps the UW’s band in stitches.

Ladee Hubbard

Spring 2018

Paula Burch-Celentano

At home in New Orleans, Ladee Hubbard MFA’14 was booked. She had a full-time job as an adjunct…

Shilagh Mirgain

Winter 2017

What’s on your bucket list?

Paula Bonner MS’78

Fall 2017

Paula Bonner

After just a year of teaching phys ed to eighth graders in her native South Carolina, Paula Bonner moved to…

Jake Lubenow

Summer 2017

Jake Lubenow x’18

With more than 300 dues-paying members, the College Republicans of UW–Madison is one of the organization’s…

Danielle Evans

Winter 2019

Danielle Evans is no stranger to praise. During her 33 years, the UW assistant professor of creative writing has graduated from the

Brandon Shields

Winter 2016

A care package in Afghanistan leads a former marine to seek an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business.

Michael Knetter

Winter 2016

The president and CEO of the UW Foundation says our strength is in our numbers.

Steven Durlauf

Fall 2016

Bryce Richter

In 2014, an exhaustive book about income inequality — French economist Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the…

Paul Robbins ’89

Summer 2016

The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence. But is that a good thing?

Laura Albert McLay

Spring 2016

How to pick a better bracket.

Shawn Peters

Winter 2015

The instructor behind “The Wire course.”

Kathy Cramer

Fall 2015

Meet a Badger who is one of the caretakers of the Wisconsin Idea.

Jim Doyle

Summer 2015

A former governor sees “bright, committed” people taking us into the future.

Irwin Goldman

Winter 2014

Irwin Goldman packages seeds for the Open Source Seed Initiative. Using envelopes such as the one below, OSSI sent material to 6,000…

Wren Singer

Fall 2014

Advising the advisers to help students think bigger.

Lois Levenhagen

Spring 2014

Meet the woman who keeps the UW’s band in stitches.

David Krakauer

Spring 2013

This research institute director’s recipe for success? Collaboration and a dash of humor.

Anders Andren

Summer 2012

The Sea Grant’s long-time director charts a new course.

Jon Levine

Fall 2011

Work flows from “the best of reasons,” says new director of primate research center.

Mary Beltrán

Winter 2010

When she watches television, it’s with an eye on diversity, as well as entertainment.

Michael Fiore

Spring 2010

This anti-smoking advocate believes the battle against tobacco can be won.

John Bechtol

Summer 2009

With more student veterans on campus, he helps navigate the path through college.