The Youngest Donor

Winter 2021

At only 25, Kramer Endres ’17 wanted to ensure access for UW students with disabilities.

A UW Dreamer

Winter 2021

After making it to the university, Gayle Williams Langer ’83 spent her life serving it.

One Miracle Deserves Another

Summer 2021

After a lifesaving procedure, Pleasant Rowland funds a UW transplant clinic.

Saluting “A Good Human Being”

Spring 2021

Former students create a fund to carry on the work of electrical engineering professor Thomas Lipo PhD’68.

A Boost for Democracy

Winter 2020

With a gift from Herb Kohl ’56, the La Follette School addresses critical issues.

What’s in a Name? New Opportunity

Fall 2020

A husband’s gift transforms the UW School of Social Work.

When the Unthinkable Happens

Summer 2020

An emergency fund helps students weather the COVID-19 crisis.

Mr. Memory Chip

Spring 2020

Tech giant Jeff Kessenich helps UW students launch their own STEM careers.

A Scholarship Inspired by Love

Fall 2019

The Mercile J. Lee Scholars Program reflects its namesake's humane approach.